It is a mistake to think that fur products and furs are only suitable for wearing in a cold season – on the contrary, every year more and more fashion designers use fur for their new collections. If we analyze the collection of spring-summer 2016 season, we can see that most famous houses use a variety of fur product: - Arctic Fox; - Fox; - Mink. Which ultimately allows to create a unique collection, characterized by freshness and brightness. Con
Choosing fur clothing, it is necessary to consider several characteristics of a particular type of fur used for tailoring of the model. Of course, fur preference is an individual matter; it all depends on personal tastes and desires, but also characteristics of climate in the region must be considered! And we have winters in recent years that are "encouraging" by their inconstancy and fluctuations - rains, frosts, snows.... If you want to buy a
Fur is not just a garment, it's a luxury thing, giving the woman's incredible attractiveness and charm. Any lady in a fur coat or even in a simple fur vest stands out and looks a true lady. To buy in Kharkov an inexpensive coat but made from the natural fur is really – "Sf-Alyans" offers high-quality and durable, incredibly beautiful products. We use only real fur top grade. Where do we get it? At the world's leading auctions held in different co
Fur is the first clothing of man. Well, it was even used by ancient people when there were no tissues. Of course, in those days such garments were a necessity – there was anything else and also it warmed well that in the conditions of ancient times was important. Today, fur is not only clothes, but also а decoration! Every woman dreams of a beautiful coat or at least of vest from natural fur. But her choice should be approached very carefully, be
The company "Sf-Alyans", offering coats made of natural fur, the price of which depends on the type and grade of fur, constantly takes part in international auctions of furs, buying there high quality raw materials. One from such auction is held three times a year in the Canadian city of Toronto – this is North American Fur Auctions or NAFA abbreviated. Auctions are held: - from 28 February to 9 March; - from 16 to 27 May; - from 20 to 30 Septe
Clothing made of natural fur, though expensive, but fully corresponds to its price. In order to prolong its service life, to maintain a presentable appearance, it is necessary to provide quality care. And best of all, if professionals will do that. Why you can't trust to "homemade" tips Most often owners of fur clothing face the following challenges:           • the appearance of various stains;         • matted pellets;         • abrasions;  
Fur mink coats, jackets, fur vests are especially popular among girls and women. They are modern, gloss, and give to the image of every lady chic and noblesse. To make mink product serving as long as possible, you should adhere to certain rules of storage and wear. Let's talk about them more below Features storage in the cupboard Store mink coat in a closed cupboard, no sunlight. And any other light too. Otherwise it may trigger fading and dis
Products from natural fur have an incredibly eye-catching appearance, give the woman a special charm and sophistication. However, to make coat, vest or coat serve as long as possible, it is necessary to provide them proper care. In this article we will talk about proven and effective rules.   Protection from moisture It is extremely important to provide complete protection from moisture. For example, if you accidentally caught in the rain or